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Home Decor
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Home Decor

Authorized Agent

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About us

  • Specializing in suspended ceiling systems and gypsum walls (supply - implementation).

  • Pioneers in the supply and installation of high-quality wood and marble alternatives, decorative heaters, cornices (Futec and Nutec), LED profiles and stainless works.

  • We have a special department for interior design under the supervision of an integrated engineering team.


  • We seek to be the pioneers of gypsum board in Egypt, and agents of major companies in this field. We seek to develop in this field with the development of the state and the development of technology in the field of interior design. We also seek to apply this technology, implement smart ideas and participate with companies in order to provide high quality services.

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One of our most important goals is manufacturing (manufacturing local decorative products with high quality at a competitive price) and using the latest design programs and the highest implementation and receiving techniques in all sites, whether residential or commercial, companies and malls.

We also aspire to be one of the largest agents for major companies in the field of outdoor and indoor design in the Arab Republic of Egypt, because we have a group of elite engineers and technicians with excellent efficiency.

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  • Specialized in supplying and installing gypsum boards, tiles, cement boards and tiles, metal profiles, detection doors and accessories.

  • Specialists and agents for major companies in the supply and implementation of putty and insulation works.

  • We have a special section for tools and equipment. Pioneers in the field of supplying and implementing interior designs.. as we specialize in supplying, installing and implementing (marble alternative, wood alternative, cornices, LED profile, decorative heaters, artificial grass and its accessories and stainless profiles..)

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