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Marble alternative

A product with a small thickness, on which marble raw materials are printed, with no difference between them and natural marble - these panels are glued to the walls by means of an adhesive material

It is used in finishing and decorative works such as entrances, walls, modern living room TV background wall, and bathroom and kitchens walls

Advantages of marble alternative

Its prices are lower than natural marble - easy to install and clean anti-corrosion, anti-electric, anti-bacterial, moisture-proof and water-proof - heat and sound insulator.

Download marble alternative file

بديل الرخام

Wood alternative

It is an industrial material used in decoration as an alternative to natural wood - it is made of longitudinal panels, including plain and polygonal ones.

Wood alternative is used in wall cladding, such as entrances and halls, screen backgrounds, doors cladding, walls of shops and commercial establishments...


Wood alternative is cheaper than natural wood

Water-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-bacterial, safe for children and environmentally friendly, alternative for the outdoor wood and is resistant to sunlight.

Wood alternative is cheaper in price than natural wood

One of the advantages of the wood alternative, it saves time in installation and without vacating the place

بديل الخشب


A decorative piece that is installed on top of the wall so that it touches the concrete ceiling or the suspended ceiling in order to break the shape of the right angle.

Cornice types




LED profile

  • It is used in decorative lighting (for walls and ceilings) and can be relied on the basic lighting.

  • We have many LED profile types

ليد بروفايل

Decorative heaters

Decorative heaters makes the place looks nice, Decor Sens heaters - high quality products and with competitive prices.